Putting The TIts & Ass Back In Vans!!!

A Little Vantastic Reading This Morning!!!!

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Hey All You Van Nuts & Van Mommas!!!

This is something that we’ve been working on with a few of our friends recently and it’s out today!!!  If you pick up a copy of The New York Times today, you’ll see something you don’t normally see in the Men’s Style section and it’s a story on Vans.  Rolling Heavy, along with some members of “The Vandoleros” and a few other friends were interviewed by reporter David Shaftel ( @davidshaftel on Twitter ) over the past couple weeks and photographer John Francis Peters came out to photograph everyone for the story.  So pick up a copy today to check it all out!!!  There’s also an online version @ 


It’s gonna be a Vantastic Summer!!!!  Stay tuned for all the new cool stuff coming up from your friends here at Rolling Heavy Magazine!!!

Thanks For Your Support!!!!!!