Putting The TIts & Ass Back In Vans!!!

Desert Generator 2016. Pioneertown, CA. They Came, They Saw, They Vanned!!!

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On April 8th 2016 after a series of rain storms and desert winds, a calm came across Yucca Valley with welcome arms.  In all directions it looked like the sky’s were about to unleash holy terror in the form of precipitation, but in the immediate vicinity of Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace the temp was in the 60’s and rising, the sun was shining and we had the makings of one fine ass day to have a Custom Van Show & Rock Concert.  The vans started rolling in this evening from places as far away as Calgary, Vancouver, Seattle & St. Louis.  As soon as the engines stopped, the beers cracked and the party was on.  With a seriously solid bonfire in full swing, it was the place to be and vanners began to meet vanners and bonds were born.  The next morning, the 9th, we were up prepping the grounds for the arrival of the vans.  They started arriving around 8 and by the 11 a.m. call time for all vans to be set and ready to rock, it was more rolling rooms ready to boogie than most people had seen in their whole lives.  We had photographers Evan Klein and Lindsay Lohden on hand to document the pure awesomeness that is Desert Generator.  Check it out.  For more exclusive photos, pic up a copy of 9/10 Rolling Heavy Magazine


Photos by: Evan Klein.