Putting The TIts & Ass Back In Vans!!!

Rolling Heavy Magazine #9 #10 Split Issue PRE SALE!!! ENDS FRI Feb 10th.

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Well, we finally went and did it!  Yep, we made another magazine.  This one is a little different for us as we did a split issue this time.  So half of it is Issue #9 and the other half is Issue #10.  #9 is Boogie Vans in the USA  and #10 is Boogie Vans in the UK, but they’re ALL AMERICAN MADE!!!  We’re not releasing it till Feb 14th, but you can get in on the Pre Sale and have your copy early and also have a chance at one of these great prizes from our good buddies at ……….. or the grand prize which is a highly sought after Octagon ( OCTOGON ) steering wheel from Big Rons!!!  Not everyone will win, but those of you who do are gonna be stoked!!!!!  We also have some new merch you can scope out in the store.  PRE SALE ENDS FRIDAY FEBRUARY 10th.  After that you won’t have a chance for the prizes.  Orders will ship on Tues, Feb 14th.  Valentines Day.  Bummer!!!